Student Feedback – Vermont Commons School

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Austin Mital-Skiff
November fifth

“With Trish I learned that theater can be a really easy way to express your feelings. I think that this is a really creative way because, especially if it is a really tense subject you can get your point across without offending anybody because its acting. I think that I can really see the theater of the oppressed being very popular when it was started in the 1960’s because during this time segregation was at its peak and black people could easily express themselves through theater. It could be an easy way to publicize the way that they are feeling. I can certainly see this as fitting in as one of the ways that people expressed themselves in a time where not all voices held the same amount of power. Peaceful marches, Jazz/Blues [black music], speeches, theater of the oppressed. I think that the style of theater of the oppressed is a good style that should be adopted in today’s culture. It is a type of thing where no matter who you are and where you come from you get the same amount of power as everyone else.”

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