Parallel Narratives SIGN UP (Fall and Winter)

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“Parallel Narratives is a journey alongside the heart. As you explore what it means to situate your own life’s narrative in the contexts of the stories you’ve heard, the stories you’ve told others, and the stories you’ve told yourself, you’re encouraged to unveil the lessons that your life is trying to teach you in your own way. Through reading and telling, this course helped me to connect with the inner voice I thought I’d lost sight of. You don’t need to be anything other than exactly who you are to get a lot out of this experience – the growth and transformation you’ll witness in yourself and others is truly nourishing and inspiring.” Dylan Cullen, March 2018

Hosted by Railyard Apothecary, In Tandem Arts is offering two new sessions of Parallel Narratives. In this five-week creative workshop, we will use magic realism and metaphor to transform our life stories. Through guided exercises and mindful facilitation, performing artist Trish Denton will introduce the group to the tradition of oral storytelling. Working from our own life stories as a starting point, we will draw from a variety of folktales, fairytales, pop culture and mythology to craft empowering Parallel Narratives. Be prepared to listen, speak up, and experiment with elaboration through collaboration. For our final class, we will have an informal storytelling circle to share our process with family and friends.


Cost: $150 for the series. $50 pre-registration required. Space is limited to 8 participants. Please be committed to attending all 6 sessions upon sign-up.

(Photo Credit: Sculpture by Barbara Wildenboer)

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