About In Tandem Arts

Programs are designed and implemented by artist and educator, Trish Denton, often accompanied by a team of interdisciplinary artists.


TrishDentonTrish Denton hails from Detroit’s ailing sister city – Pontiac, Michigan. The interdisciplinary artist writes for the stage, as well as folklore, fairy tales and fantasy for all ages. She also devises, directs and performs original theater. Trish put herself through school as a fortune teller receiving a BA from Goddard College. During this time she was also the artistic director of ClothingChange, an organization that facilitated collaborations between third world artisans and young, urban craftspeople. Her project partnered with The Green Festival, Pure Detroit and Marketplace: Handwork of India to produce fashion shows and educational events.  Following school, Trish made her living as a teaching artist and children’s theater director, directing productions with Burlington’s Very Merry Theatre.
To date she has choreographed/directed around 35 shows, as well as written and directed over 100 original short plays. She served as co-host to the rabble-rousing Spielpalast Cabaret from 2009-2011 and toured with company to the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The fringe inspired her to write and direct her first full-length show Orkestriska’s Box, mounted in November 2012 in collaboration with the Tuppence Coloured Ensemble, Thought Faucet Studios and The Porter Music Box Museum. The following year, Trish directed BIRTH, a documentary-theater performance retelling women’s true accounts of giving birth. The play raised funds for the Vermont Birth Network and Vermont Midwives Association for representation at a policy level in the new healthcare system. In 2013 Trish was selected among the top teacher artists in Vermont to learn how to use universal design for integrated arts curriculum. Since training with the Flynn Center for The Performing Arts, Vermont Arts Council and St Micheal’s College, she has designed programming for museums, schools and other cultural institutions with her outfit In Tandem Arts. In Tandem also designs productions and cultural events to celebrate the specificity of a partnering organization. She has partnered with Shelburne Museum, Burlington City Arts and Bonaroo Music Festival. Trish is currently attending Dartmouth College in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program studying the persistence of imagination in oppressive circumstances and has been focused on oral history, storytelling and prison theater.