Directed by Trisha Denton in collaboration with Wendi Stein and Sharon Panitch of Theatre Kavanah. With Rebecca Mack as Music Director, a live pit orchestra and children’s choir accompany the cast. Brundibar is a children’s opera written by Jewish-Czech composer Hans Krasa in 1938. This production has a contemporary libretto by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tony Kushner.



Birth is a documentary-theater piece featuring birth stories based on ethnographic interviews with over 100 women in contemporary America. The piece was staged in 2013 at Main Street Landing in Burlington as a benefit for the Vermont Midwives Association and The Vermont Birth Network.


Ork Show Poster!Orkestriska’s Box

Inspired by mechanical ballet and automata, Orkestriska’s Box is a literal title for a piece that is centered around a human-scale music box containing the dancer Orkestriska (pronoucned Orca-stritz-kah). Moira Shearer as Olympia in The Archers’ 1951 operatic-film ‘The Tales of Hoffman’ is an express reference for the character of Orkestriska.


madame Madama Butterfly

In 2005, Viva La Voce Puppet Opera was founded by Vermont opera singer Roxanne Vought. According to scholar, Malgorzata Szulc, VLV is the only company of its kind left in the western world. Live singers, classical musicians and vocal actors present grand-scale opera in miniature proportions.