Directed by Trisha Denton in collaboration with Wendi Stein and Sharon Panitch of Theatre Kavanah. With Rebecca Mack as Music Director, a live pit orchestra and children’s choir accompany the cast. Brundibar is a children’s opera written by Jewish-Czech composer Hans Krasa in 1938. This production has a contemporary libretto by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tony Kushner.



Birth is a documentary-theater piece featuring birth stories based on ethnographic interviews with over 100 women in contemporary America. The piece was staged in 2013 at Main Street Landing in Burlington as a benefit for the Vermont Midwives Association and The Vermont Birth Network.


Ork Show Poster!Orkestriska’s Box

Inspired by mechanical ballet and automata, Orkestriska’s Box is a literal title for a piece that is centered around a human-scale music box containing the dancer Orkestriska (pronoucned Orca-stritz-kah). Moira Shearer as Olympia in The Archers’ 1951 operatic-film ‘The Tales of Hoffman’ is an express reference for the character of Orkestriska.