Directed by Trish Denton, Birth is a documentary-theater piece featuring birth stories based on ethnographic interviews with over 100 women in contemporary America. The piece was staged in 2013 at Main Street Landing in Burlington as a benefit for the Vermont Midwives Association and The Vermont Birth Network.

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“When Shari Corr proposed the BOLD Birth project to me, it made me proud. Proud to live in a community where professional, working women, (on top of that) – mothers, are willing to take the extra step to build awareness and education around the choices we make in, well, creating humanity.I was honored to accept the role of director for Karen Brody’s play, BIRTH, as my contribution to this worthy and admirable event. It has been a process of inextricable growth for me. Most notable is the opportunity to witness the process the cast has had in taking the material from text to authentic, realistic storytelling. Their bravery moves me, and I am beside myself with excitement to see how our audience will be moved. I invite you to open your minds to the power of theater to enable us to enter into elevated levels of empathic nature. I invite you to open your hearts and explore the deep sense of knowing that we inherently possess to give birth. And I thank you for your support of the heroic work of the health practitioners and wise women involved with this project. Be bold!”