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In Tandem Arts IS an arts incubator & experiential learning provider  Dedicated to advancing the performing arts through experimentation & collaboration. We use storytelling to build relationships, bring social issues to light, & to challenge the cultural imagination. We create participatory spaces & generate new narratives  by working  with  & within  communities, schools, &  organizations .  



The workshops we facilitate are for crews of all ages. This is where we build work together. This is where we generate new narratives in community.


We love learning together, collaborating, and team-building. Bring us to your school, cultural institution, or faith community for workshops or residencies.



The work can come to you. Bring us to your site of work, organization, or home community to build a team and create a community-based performance.


We are a DIY production company – we make new work. We bring people together for new experiences and then like to make a big spectacle of it!  

To register for workshops or to GET tickets for events, check the calendar page for updates & info!


Let’s build an original show this Fall. Many thanks to Senator Sanders, VSECU, Vermont Afterschool, and The Vermont Department of Education for opening this portal to possibility!

In The Circle of Future Performance we envisioned new opportunities in the performing arts and heard a wise wishlist from participating high school & college students. We heard your call for mentorship, space(s) to gather and rehearse, and ways to create new work with artists & community members outside of your own school and/or town… so we are offering EPOCH GENERATION as a new program! Senator Bernie Sanders has secured federal dollars to expand access to new & innovative afterschool programs in our state and EPOCH GENERATION was selected to be one of the 39 programs that will benefit from this support! Thanks Senator Sanders! Open to area teens, EPOCH GENERATION is a supported space to generate new narratives for the new epoch of performance. We will meet from 3:30-6:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, (dinner provided), to create a show that will premiere in early December. Tuition will be a reasonable rate, and scholarships will be available through an application process. We are still getting organized, but we are curious who is interested? DROP AN EMAIL to learn more! Serious about devised performance or production work? Email to explore possibilities in the coming year.

what we OFFER

programs & workshops

With a hands-on, team-driven approach, ITA uses storytelling & the performing arts to co-create with and within community. We do not create art that sets us apart ─ we do not create art where the most talented shine. We create art that galvanizes collective vision. Put simply … we make projects that build connections! Our workshops are designed to be inclusive of learners of all ages and from all walks of life.

Productions & Events

Prioritizing participatory events, ITA facilitates the creation of original works. We do not gather in traditional performing arts models of crowds and spectacle. We gather to see each other. Bolstering community with powerful combinations of storytelling, music, performing and visual arts, our teaching artists are problem-solvers that work with available resources to realize meaningful productions.

Community-Based Projects

In this new reality, where technology mediates and separates our social lives more than ever, ITA creates supported spaces for collective imagining. These spaces are in schools, parks, neighborhoods, and public institutions ─ shared spaces to serve as creative common grounds. We invite communities to use our services to enhance existing curriculum, programming, festivals, or events.

As artists and educators, In Tandem Arts is committed to racial justice, economic justice, and anti-oppression in our schools, communities, and society at large. All of our programs are relationship-based and prioritize collaboration, community-building, and inclusion over a final product. Therefore, the work is not easy, it requires patience and willingness to embrace the unknown. We are indebted to and extend gratitude to the black and indigenous visionaries that have set an enduring example of how to stay with the work for the long game.

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