Inspired by the socially conscious action-taking and music-making of the Kat Wright Trio, ITA participated in the 2020 Global Peace Challenge. An excerpt of our recent production Retro Spec, can be seen within the first 45 minutes of this up-all-night international delight of a festival. We chose to submit Juptr Band’s song, “Peace & Quiet” which features the following message of peace and solidarity from Vermont visionary, Stephanie Wilson: 

“To those little girls with nappy hair

Who know too well the heat of the hot comb and the slow burn of the relaxer

To those young women who are too dark for the foundation in the make-up aisle

And too melanated for the nude stockings in the department store

To my brothers, sisters, and sibling living through pain and anxiety

Who do not get a break from white supremacy

To those struggling to thrive in a world that puts money, profit, and greed before life, liberty, and equality

To those who put their lives on the line and will not rest until there is justice for all

We will not be silenced, we can only rise

In our precious and shared humanity, we rise…”