TOGETHER WE’LL RAISE $6,000 by 12/31!

[Photo: 11/17/21 Burlington City and Lake Semester students featured with artist Stephanie Wilson in ITA’s X-Votive]

The stories we hear shape our realities. The stories we tell shape us. Having the tools to narrate our story in this moment of unrest is both history-making and future-making. As we approach the new year, I’m CALLING IN your support for IN TANDEM ARTS and our intentions for new work in the new year.

ITA uses storytelling and the performing arts to develop critical thinking skills in critical times. We are a production company that produces participatory projects by working in tandem with schools, communities, and partnering organizations to co-create engaging, new narratives. What narrative do you imagine for yourself in 2021?  With a hands-on, community-based approach, ITA applies storytelling and the performing arts to co-create with and within community. We do not create art that sets us apart ─ we do not create art where the most talented shine. We create art that galvanizes collective vision. Put simply … we make local pop culture!

Our programs are designed to serve intergenerational cohorts; our services are inclusive of learners from primary school to adult. Example? Did you catch our socially-distanced, outdoor production RETRO SPEC on Burlington’s Waterfront? If not, WATCH HERE on a chilly night and THINK. What if the themes we elucidated in Retro Spec — Applied Futures, Racial Justice, Climate Justice, and The Education of Imagination — are areas that we throw focus on in our education programs this year? You ready? Let’s do it! 

Epoch Generation is Generating New Narratives for a New Epoch

We are psyched to have received support from The Norsaga Fund, The Mergens Foundation, and Mascoma Bank to support our upcoming year of education programming. We still need your support to hit our baseline! Please make a tax-deductible donation to jumpstart these programs in the new year!

In 2022, ITA will offer:

  • Our primary program “Epoch Generation”. EG is a collaborative performing arts experience emphasizing music and cultural studies to generate new narratives through an an excavation of history.
  • We will also offer “ClimateAct”. ClimateAct is an all-level participatory workshop of storytelling and short plays that access climate change topics from a variety of cross-cultural perspectives.
  • Ongoing for teens and adults is our “Open Lab”. Open Lab offers weekly guided workshops to improvise, experiment, and create with a variety of new collaborators.

Learn more about our programs by visiting or checking out our past work on instagram @in_tandem_arts

This is how it’s done. Let’s bolster each other. Make a tax-deductible donation to support the work. For major gifts, please reach out to to connect about ways to support. Or… just go for it and GET GIFTY! Send a direct payment via Paypal by clicking this link: