Produced by In Tandem Arts & Acqua Mossa

Friday, December 31, 2021 at HIGHLIGHT: Vermont’s New Year’s Eve

THE LOT at 405 (405 Pine Street ) @ 5:15-5:45 PM | Virtual Screenings @ 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM 

IMPORTANT: When you purchase your Highlight button, PLEASE enter the promo code XVOTIVE. We receive 50% of the ticket sales and we need your support to create this genre-bending work. 

It’s the 11th hour for humanity and we stand on a threshold. We can never go back to the way things were. Now is a time for collective imagining – to conjure what we will relegate to the PAST to radically embody the PRESENT. To do this, we must gather six relics to construct a VOTIVE OF TRUTH. Who will lead us through the Queen City multiverse? What tools are needed to usher us into NEW VISIONS OF THE FUTURE? 


Trish Denton – Producer / Director / Writer

Stephanie Wilson – Lead Artist / Designer / Writer

Myles David Jewell – Director of Photography / Film Production 


Nico Osborne – Sound & Production Design, Jason “Liggy” Liggett – Lighting Design, Sage Horsey – Choreographer / Dancer, Derek Rice – Keys & Vox, Timothy Heaghney – Drums, Shakir Stephen – Bass, Katie Gilmartin – Performer / PA, Kenroy Walker – Performer / PA, Chris Tranten – Audio Engineer, Haley Fenn – Jewelry Artist


X-VOTIVE is an immersive video performance set to the atmospheric music of Acqua Mossa. The cinematic experience follows a heroic Time Traveller on an extraordinary odyssey through the portals of Burlington. Arresting the audience by a surround of sound and light, participants will STAND in the “time chamber” to experience the show. Due to its multi-directional storyline, this aural adventure can be viewed multiple times for a multitude of narrative experiences. Audience members will enter the time chamber in rotational shifts, allowing for several loops of the film to be screened over the course of the evening. Presenting a distinct Burlington flavor, the film will feature a variety of Queen City locations and guest cameos of local artists and community members. Will we see you?


Conant Metal and Light, Sound Toys, Tick Tock Jewelers, Burlington City and Lake Semester, Close to Home, Cold Hollow Contracting, Metro Rock, Trattoria Delia, Very Merry Theatre, and The Media Factory

Unable to make it to Highlight? Please make a donation to fund the post-production of X-VOTIVE for your future viewing pleasure! With your support we will create a virtual film version that can be viewed from your home in the new year!