In December, In Tandem Arts director Trish Denton had the unique opportunity to meet with leadership in the performing arts from various cultural organizations in Detroit, Michigan. Hosted by Sandy Duncan, former president of the Detroit Music Hall , Denton had the privilege of meeting with leadership from the Detroit Music Hall, Michigan Opera TheaterThe Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Broadway in Detroit, as well as attending auditions for a new Broadway-bound musical about James Brown, ‘It’s a Man’s World’ and a production of ‘Wicked’ at the Detroit Opera House. Thanks Detroit heroes for checking in about our work! 

Image (from left to right): Denton attended a luncheon at the Detroit Athletic Club with Dr. David DiChiera, (Founder and Artistic Director of Michigan Opera Theater), Wayne Brown, (President and CEO of Michigan Opera Theater), Ann Parsons, (CEO of Detroit Symphony Orchestra), Sandy Duncan, (Former President of Detroit Music Hall), and Vince Paul, (President and Artistic Director of Detroit Music Hall) to discuss the state of the arts, community engagement and arts education in Detroit.